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So, What is HipHopLifted all about?

HipHopLifted.com is a comprehensive utility for Hip Hop heads to surf, search and network the vast universe of Hip Hop, ranging from: New Hip Hop Music Releases, Rapper Backgrounds, Rap Concert Tickets, Uncensored Rap Videos, Fashion, Top Songs, to the wide variations of Hip Hop Musics; Here we provide services which are unmatched in the Hip Hop/Rap genre.

Join us here to learn how powerfully the Hip Hop culture has influenced modern society, several generations as well as its impact on a world scale. Here you will discover how the Rap and Hip Hop scene has been inspired by, as well as inspirations for: Fashion Trends, Arts and Entertainment, Sex, Drugs and Violence, Sports and Fitness, Social Media, Revolution as well as Culture and Lifestyle. Hip Hop has come a long way from its forefathers to where we are now. Part of our goal is to unite all aspects within the timeline of its birth, through its continuing growth, to where it exists at the present moment.

We recognize Hip Hop as a creative expression of self/imagination/experience by the freewill of speech, inspired by urban culture and can typically be recited over an instrumental or by acapella. In our eyes, judging an artist's imaginative potential is equal to failing to understand a musicians intended artistic effect. Our main focus is to report the most accurate genre related content through an unbias and factual approach. Meaning, we are not going to bash or hate on any artists, even if the popular culture doesn't appreciate a particular person or group. We will always report the straight up facts, with lack of prejudice opinion.

We strive to create a user friendly interface for easy use and access for our members and visitors to make networking and browsing simple and effective. As Hip Hop has made its imprint in history, it continues to grow with a greater following than ever before. So, join us Here at HipHopLifted.com to become part of the collective strengthening of the Hip Hop legacy!