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100s (Kossisko)

Names/Members Names:
100s, Kossisko (Nathaniel Assienzue) Konan and Kossisko

Jewish and West African

Birth Place (State):

Birth Place (City):

Birth Year:

Record Labels:
Fools Gold Records

Style & Genre:
Hip Hop, G-Funk, Bay Area, Alternative, R&B, Dance/Pop and Funk

Career Duration (year):
2010 - Present

Career Accomplishments:
Touring, Short Film Director of "2037"

100s Albums, Mixtapes, EP's, LP's and Projects

DatPiff Mobile

Music/Life Story/About 100s:

Known for his straightened/parted hair due and distinguished sense of fashion, Kossisko Konan was born and raised in Berkeley, California. Having been associated with pimps and influenced by the pimping lifestyle, he lived the "Life of a Mack", however, he was never one to pimp women.

As a result constantly skipping school and always trying to get lucky with girls, between the ages of 15-16 his parents believed he was in need of strict discipline. His father confronted him about his ways and eventually devised a plot to convince young Kossisko to join the family on a trip to Africa, where he would enroll his son into boarding school in Abidjan on the ivory coast (where his fathers roots reside).

At boarding school is where he learned more about his culture and roots, where he attained the skills to speak french and in turn was then able to communicate with his Grandparents and make local friends. Eventually, he ran away from boarding school because of the harsh conditions and severe rules of his housing situation. Kossisko had been bitten by mosquitos and caught malaria several times, he was also housed in a 3 bedroom dorm with 15 other students for the first 5 months and he absolutely hated it.

Upon fleeing from boarding school, he had attempted to get home by making a plea to the American Embassy, but his request was denied as it was his parents wishes to remain. Due to him being a minor (Under 18) he was required to remain in Africa. Kossisko did not want to return to the boarding school, so instead he fled to the Bouafle, where he lived with his fathers brother. 

Following his arrival sometime passed and his uncles family decided to move away to Yamoussoukro, where he accompanied them. In this small town Konan learned to speak the native French language, allowing him to develop a better relationship with his family and new friends. After spending 2 years in Africa, he touched back down in Berkeley (Bay area) in 2010, where his venture as an artist would begin.

With heavy influences from Bay Area icons of G-funk, Pimp style rapping, Electronic, Pop, EDM and Dance, Kossisko would fuel his lyrics by the culture from which his favourite artists represented.

At the age of 19, he began his rap career. Although he began writing in 2008, it was never taken seriously until later on. With graphics from his independently released debut album "Ice Cold Perm" inspired by Snoop Dogg's "Tha Doggfather", Konan replicates the same pose of the iconic figure on the front cover. He made his first impression to the industry with his sexually charged content, overly blatant pimp-like style and unblemished vogue-like appearance. 

The music video for "1999" was released on June 4th of 2013, where he expresses extremely erotic and vulgar emotions through his lyrics. 1999 will go on to be one of his top tracks, next to "Life of a Mack". Soon after the release of the video, 100s would broadcast his signing with "Fools Gold Records".

Kossisko would tour with A$AP Ferg on the Turnt X Burnt concert tour from October to December 11th, 2013. He would go on to release the single, "Keep a Bitch Broke" featuring Da$h, Joey Fatts and Aston Matthews. 100s would tour as far as Sidney, Australia to the UK on the international scene and all through out the United States of America.

Later on, the crude character he would portray would conflict the personal principals of the man behind "100s". On several occasions he would observe the crowds reaction to his bad-mannered lyrical subject matter and knew that within, these tracks represented a persona that contradicted his true outlooks.

One situation where Kossisko experienced a profound paradigm shift, was at a performance where a father and his two sons were dissatisfied and saddened at the lyrics of artists song, which ended in the fans leaving the show. Other instances included females at shows showing disgust and perceived his content as disrespectful.

With releasing "IVRY" still under Fools Gold Records in March of  2014, this would mark the album where he resigns his former alias, at the end of the video for, "Ten Freaky Hoes" he states "To the 100s fans, I appreciate each and everyone of you, but its now time for me to continue my journey. So this is goodbye".

In 2014 at a SXSW show, he performed the track "Middle of the Night", introducing the unique singing abilities of the artist. He was truly pleased with the crowds reaction to his talents and used this as motivation to further discover the complexities of his imagination.

Upon retiring the alter-ego and undergoing a comfortable and honest transition into "Kossisko", the true musician within had been released. As Kossisko, the melodic singer/songwriter, he focuses his musical qualities on projects that symbolize a greater depth of himself that better defines his creativity and ideals.

Now without having to meet the pressures that accompany being a rap artist, Kossisko has unchained himself from the restraints of hip hop culture, entering into a broader scene that has allowed the artist to explore a more sensitive, flamboyant inner self that reflects his character on a more accurate plateau.

Kossisko is currently working on projects as a director for a short film, "2037" as well as actively releasing tracks under his new identity with Cut Craft Music Group. His newest project and debut EP is titled "Red White N Cruel" which can be purchased on i Tunes for $8.99.

Click here to support Short Film "2037" by kossisko konan

Affiliated With:

Bay Area, Joe Wax (Turf Starz, Main Attraktionz, NhT Boyz, Lil Rue) ASAP Ferg, Cherub, Casey Veggies, Neighbourhood, Chippy Nonstop, Joey Fatts, F1J FolksAndre Nickatina, Mac MallMondreMAN, Nic Nac and Fools Gold Records.

Affiliated Producers & DJs:

A Trak, Joe Wax, Bussit Benny, Vaughn Oliver, 100s, Nic Nac, Chuck Inglish, Silvamore, League of Starz, Ryan Hemsworth, Scott StalloneKrushadelic and League of Starz.


Interesting Facts:

His alias is pronounced "Hunnets"

Performed 5 shows on the "Group Hug Tour"with Kreayshawn at 2014's SXSW.

Named a top ten rapper to keep an eye on in 2014 by Boom Box.

Doesn't Drink Liquor

Maintains his hair by using a shower cap and pays 300$ every 2-3 months.

He began growing out his hair at the age of 10 and he usually has his hair straightened every other day by several different women, not permed.

Loved wrestlers and was inspired to grow hair because of them.  

His favourite track on ice cold perm is "1999".

The record deal with "Fools Gold" was a result of the artist following A trak, which went back and forth until he was scouted by the Canadian DJ/Turntablist/Founder of "Fools Gold Records"

His mother is a nurse of Jewish decent and his father is now a park ranger who had previously studied engineering . 

“Life as a Mack” had been a hit feature on the video game Grand Theft Auto V on "Los Santos Radio" and remains as one of the artists best tracks.

100s appeared on the Apple iPhone 5 commercial.

Songs & Videos:


1999, Ten freaky hoes, Brick Cell Phone, My Activator, Slow Drip and Middle of the Night.

Quotes by 100s:

"I've always been super androgynous - that's just me. But when you're maneuvering in the world of rap - I don't like all the lines and shit that prevent people from being who they are."

“Everyone around me said I needed a follow-up record and I wanted to please the supporters I had who enjoyed the 100s stuff so I recorded the "IVRY" project and that’s when the press really ran with the pimp thing, which became a distraction for me and took the humor and alter ego aspect out of things. I began to realize people were taking this character way too seriously.”

“I felt I could no longer put those messages out to people in general and most of all kids".

Cyphers/Live Shows:

100s/Kossisko Social Media:

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