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80s Hip Hop Fashion

80s Hip Hop fashion had globally impacted the Hip Hip-hop scene with the influence of the b-boy style. Although Hip Hop’s funky forefathers contributed their fads and trends, It was in the early-mid to late 80’s when Hip Hop Streetwear became iconic. As the Hip Hop Leather Jacket still held down its spot on the fashion scene, popular up and coming acts like Run-DMC, Eric B and Rakim, Beastie Boys, LL Cool J and Rock Steady Crew started familiarizing the mainstream with a new and growing style of Hip Hop Streetwear. Hip Hop wasn’t fully branded until tracksuits hit the market, every body and their mom had at least one pair. This was a uniting component to the Rap community that gave the movement a fresh new look and an even larger following. Not only did the culture give good use to these stretchy fabrics, (breakdancing) but the tracksuit revolution lead to a global trend that still exists today.

As Newsboy hats and fedoras faded out, in came the Fuzzy Kangol Bucket Hat. Eventually single Gold Chains transformed into Heavy Gold Ropes and even Leather Jackets/Pants were fused into a much more clean sporty, poppy look. Lets not forget the Adidas Superstars with the laceless tongues covering the bottom of the pants, classic. 

This era was also known for high top fades, Boom Boxes, Air Jordans I, Ballys, Air Force I, Pony Slam Dunks, Bomber Jackets, Airbrushed Hip Hop T Shirts, 4 Finger Rings (Gold Hip Hop Jewelry), Spandex Tights, Jean Jacket Suits, Snap Backs, Sports Caps and Colourful Cotton Sweaters.

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