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Deceased Rappers

Take a moment and remember all of the great artists who are no longer with us.

J Cole - (HBO Trailer)

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Hip Hop Movies

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Best Freestyle Rappers

Among the best freestyle rappers in the game today, is a long list of talented emcees who have made it nearly impossible to pick a favourite. Although we all have our own top ten picks for the best freestyle artists in the world, it would be a bias decision to make yet another list for viewers to disagree with. So for this reason, we have put together an alphabetical list of the games best freestyle rappers, starting from #-A-Z. 

list of the Best Freestyle Rappers

Collaborated Freestyles

Live on Arsenio Hall, one of the biggest and baddest freestyles ever to be recorded on television features: Yo-Yo, Mc Lyte, Naughty By Nature, A Tribe Called Quest, Fu-Schnickens, CL Smooth, Guru (of Gang Starr), Das EFX, Wu-Tang Clan,KRS-One and Mad Lion.

Tyler, The Creator and A$AP Rocky just having some fun freestyling.


2pac and Snoop lay down a 5 minute freestyle over a remixed "Love Hangover" by  Diana Ross. Titled "If theres a cure for this", Snoop and Pac go straight off the top and record what is respected a full freestyled track.

Biggie and Pac live in NYC in this famous hyped freestyle.

Untouchable, another Drunken Freestyle from the legendary 2Pac. As a matter of fact, 2pac recorded a large portion of his studio tracks either high or drunk, which he claims allows his thoughts to flow more freely.

Click here to listen to the original "Untouchable" feat Lisa "Left Eye" Lopez.

Here is one of 2pacs most popular freestyles. Watch as 2pac and Biggie Smalls are dropping some wicked flows while sitting around a table having drinks.


Rahzel, Consequence, The Roots and the Tribe called Quest,  freestyling on Lorna's Corner in 1995

Q-Tip, Phife and Ali spit some off the top rhymes on Rap City in 1996.

A rare freestyle from A Tribe Called Quest on Hot 97 in recorded in 1997.

Listen to Run DMC and A Tribe Called Quest on the Capital Rap Show hosted by Tim Westwood.


At the age of 17,  A-F-R-O kills this off the dome freestyle for R.A The Rugged Man. If there is one word to describe this, it is "Phenomenal".

Another improvised rhyme by the great A-F-R-O. With RA the Rugged Man providing objects for him to incorporate into his rhymes, this seems to be a walk in the park for A-F-R-O. This kid is making his name and many see him as the best freestyle rapper of the new age scene.


Rocky blazes up the mic on Sways "Sway in the Morning" radio show, as Sway throws words at A$AP Rocky to rap freestyle rap about.

A freestyle on the Tim Westwood show in 2013.


Big L and Jay-Z go in on this classic 10 minute freestyle live on the Stretch and Bobbito Show in '95.

Big L Lights up the booth in this memorable" DJ Kay Slay Freestyle".

Big L Freestyle on the Tim Westwood Show in 1997.

Big L does numbers on this live freestyle at "The Tramps" and displays his talents, proving why he is regarded as one of the best freestyle rappers.


Pun tears up this freestyle in a home made video rapping over the phone.

Another fire freestyle by Pun and Fat Joe. Big Pun is credited by many of Hip Hop heads as one of the best freestyle rappers.

A clip from the round table freestyle with Big Pun, Cannibus, DMX and more.

A written freestyle by the legendary Big Pun, spitting over "Deja Vu".


Bizzy Bone gets deep on this freestyle in a hotel room in New York City.

Bizzy spits an off the top freestyle in an underground parking lot.

Bizzy goes in hard on this homemade freestyle video.

Enjoy these 3 classic off the top freestyles by Bizzy Bone


Black Thought freestyling some bars for the series "On The Go 2: Repeat Offender, with Questlove beat boxing and throwing words at him to use in his rhymes.

Black Thought with a freestyle for "Huff Post" in 2014, with Quest Love making a beat by tapping his afro pic on a table and stomping his feet.


A Compilation of Blind Fury freestyles and battles.

Another compilation of Blind Fury Freestyles.


Posted up on a London corner, Breeze drops an off the dome freestyle while drawing a picture of the lady who he is rapping about.

Watch a live, on stage freestyle performed by Breeze Evahflowin by the technique of rapping/spoken word.


Cannibus performing a written freestyle over classic NYC instrumentals, with the second verse by Journalist.

The famous "KOTD" Canibus vs. Dizaster battle in 2012.


Cassidy freestyles on the Sway in the morning show in 2012.

Respected by many as NYC's best freestyle rapper, watch as Cassidy and AR-AB go in and drop some on da spot freestyles on the Green Lantern Invasion Radio Show.


Watch Charron live on the Tim Westwood Show spit a sick off the top freestyle.

Live on BET Freestyle Fridays Charron rips up the mic with an on the spot freestyle.


Watch Chiddy Bang perform a 7 minute long live off the top freestyle at translation LLC.

Chiddy spits a hot on the spot freestyle on a rooftop in NYC with Xaphoon Jones.


Gambino goes on Sways "In the Morning Show"and completes the five fingers of death with ease.

On Hot 97, Childish Gambino Kicks one of the greatest freestyles of the new school era.


Common spits a nice freestyle for Heather B on the Sway in the Morning Show. Common and Lupe are credited as 2 of Chicago's best freestyle rappers.

Common rocks the mic live on the WKYS studio, EZ Street radio show with an off the dome freestyle for five minutes.


Crooked I rhymes a written 7 minute freestyle live on stage in Brooklyn.

The lyrical greatness of Crooked I is clearly demonstrated on this wild written freestyle.


An off the dome freestyle by De La Soul and Nas on the Tim Westwood Show in 1996.

Pos of De La Soul is featured on the Rap City Show for a cypher Freestyle with Host: Joe Clair and Co-Host Steph Lova.


Dizaster kicks a sick freestyle in Vancouver, BC in 2015 over BIG's "Party & Bullshit".

Live on Sway in the Morning, Dizaster kicks a nasty freestyle and gets closer to the throne as one of the games best freestyle rappers..


A compilation of DNA's classic off the dome freestyles during rap battles.

DNA spits a live freestyle for DJ Kay Slay. See why many are regarding this battle emcee as the best freestyle rapper on the battle scene.

DNA is featured on BBC's Charlie Sloths Rap Up. Incorporating objects from around the room, DNA displays his raw talent.

A freestyle that is turned into a battle real quick.


Eminem and Kon artist go hard on this famous Tim Westwood freestyle.

Proof and Slim get silly on this home video style MTV freestyle.

Eminem, D12 and Stat Quo kill this freestyle on the Tim Westwood Show.

Watch these 2 classic Slim Shady freestyles.


Check out this compilation of Eyedeas freestyles and battles.

Eyedea and Slug spit live on the Tech and Sway Show.


G4 of Freestyle Fellowship drops a dope freestyle on freestyle 101.

Aceyalone, PEACE and Jupiter spit some skill in this old school video.


Immortal Technique drops a bomb freestyle that will leave your jaw dropped.

Immortal Technique vs Posta Boy freestyle battle on 106 and Park.


Check out Hovas "Back From France" Freestyle on Hot 97 recorded in NYC.

Jay-Z and DMX go at the mic in this early freestyle.


Jin rhymes a dope off the dome freestyle live on Dash Radio.

Since Jins freestyle catalogue is extensive, we just added a playlist of all of Jins freestyles.


Kendrick drops a freestyle while having words thrown at him on the K104 radio show.

Kendrick performs an amazing freestyle on Hot 97 in 2012.


King Los kills the five fingers of death on the sway in the morning show, which has gone down as one of the most popular five fingers of death freestyles.

Los kicks a 9 minute freestyle in the studio.


Kool Keith and Xzibit having fun and displaying skills on the mic with this 10 minute freestyle

Keith gets dirty on this freestyle with HUBBS.


Kurupt goes off the dome with this freestyle on a tour bus for the "You Cant Stop the Grind" DVD.

Watch Kurupt bounce with beat on this freestyle.


True talent from Lil' Snupe on this off the dome freestyle.

Lil' Snupe freestyles off the top bars in this battle vs DeSean Jackson.


Logic dusts the 5 Fingers of Death without any trouble whatsover.

Logic rips up a freestyle while solving a rubiks cube.


Watch Lupe on Sway, nuff said.

Check out Lupes famous freestyle on Hot 97.


Watch this classic off the dome style freestyle, as Supernatural lets loose and goes in on this 17 minute freestyle.

MC Supernatural kicks some straight up hood off the top freestyles on Hot 97.


Meth does what he does best in this freestyle, "kills it softly" along with Redman.

Method man freestyles a written verse outside a Bodega in Staten Island.

Method Man and Inspectah Deck rip up the mic with this freestyle.

Check this off the top freestyle.


Watch Mistah Fab kill the 5 Fingers of Death with ease.

Mistah Fab raps off the dome on the Tim Westwood Show and murders the track.


Watch Mos Def Drop bars live in the park in surrounded by fans.

Watch Mos Def rock the mic in this old school freestyle video.

Mos Def drops a 9 minute freestyle on the Tim Westwood show.

Mos Def freestyles a written verse while cruising in a car with Dave Chapelle.


Watch the legendary Nas live on stage rapping with the Notorious B.I.G. in NYC.

Nas goes off the top in this freestyle about the evil against black people in the ghetto.


Check out Notorious B.I.G. live on the King tech and Sway "Wake Up" show. This interview/Freestyle was Biggies last interview before he passed.

Watch this famous Biggie and 2Pac freestyle video.


Watch Riff Raff on this Hot 97 freestyle.

Check out Riff Raff sniff a line of cocaine and drop a freestyle right after.


Slug of Atmoshpere goes off the dome for Mr. Peter parker Live on B96.

In this 9 minute freestyle Slug freestyles some classic bars.


Okwerdz and The Sauras goin in on this off the top studio freestyle.

Check out this freestyle battle between Pedro and The Saraus as they go back and fourth with some hot bars and see why The Sauras is considered as one of the best freestyle rappers in the battling category.

Tyler, the Creator

"LOL". The best freestyle rapper when we are talking about comical rap.

"LOL x2"


Vinnie Paz lays down talent on this freestyle

Vinnie Paz spits a classic verse on this one.


Watch the crew do what they do in this cypher style freestyle.

Listen to Wu throw prove why they are the best freestyle rappers when they down some classic bars on the Tim Westwood Show.