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The Greatest grime beats of alltime

Before Grime Beats were recognized on the global music plateau, the dubs were categorized  by some as Urban, Sub Low, 2 Step, 8-Bar, Speed Garage or a more popular term that was coined by Wiley (the GodFather of Grime) to describe his own sound, which he called “Eskibeat”. The absence of a name for the genre became a subject on the original track, “Wot Do U Call It” by Wiley. On this track, a signature sound would present its self to a larger audience, setting a precedent for the genre, laying the foundation for many to follow. 

The main difference between UK Garage and Grime is the overall themes of the 2 genres. Where UK Garage is more funky, lighter to the ears and has a friendly, popish vibe to it, Grime beats deliver a much more dirty, turbulent sound, with heavier hollow baselines that linger on the beat, which creates an overpowering energy that tends to have an overall darker feel to it.

There is an ongoing debate over whose Grime beat was the first to ever be recorded. Wiley’s “Eskimo” and Yungstars “Pulse X” have been the first two Grime tracks to have entered into the new formed sound; differentiating between what is considered “Grime” and what is “UK Garage”, “UK Dance” “Electro” and “Jungle”.

With hard hitting gritty synths, Deep-set, crude bass lines and dirty electronic melodies, Grime instrumentals translate to many as disturbingly intense. Recognized as trademarked sound that has given birth to a long overdue footprint of the ghetto youth of the UK, Grime Music is an acquired taste that represents independence, integrity and culture, that is particular to Britain.

Often referred to as “dubs”, “instrumentals”, “beats” and “riddims”, Grime tracks may differ in choice of instrument, but mostly all have in the common the 140 BPM (Beats Per Minute) although it can slightly alternate.

See how Grime BPM differs from Jungle, Garage, Dancehall, Soca and UK Dance.

Grime - 130-140 BPM

Jungle (Old School) - 145-170 BPM

UK Dance - 130-135 BPM

UK Garage/ 2 Step - 130-135 BPM

Dancehall - 80-130 BPM

Soca - 80-170 BPM

First Grime Beats and Producers (The Golden Age)

During the Golden Age of Grime and Pirate Radio, the sound had developed into a unique genre with its own characteristics and features. Pirate Radio Stations were the platform for Grime Artists and Grime Crews to spit Grime Music at the time, considering Grime wasn't as pleasant to the ears as the standard likes of music at the time. Among the founding Grime originators are a handful of artists, DJs and producers that helped develop the growing sounds and contribute their creativity to the genre in its early years, these Grime Producers are:

Benga - Fearless

Big-E D - Frontline

D.O.K - Shock Anthem


Danny Weed - Creeper

DavincheP's and Q's

Diesle - Salsa

Dirty Danger - Misty Cold

Dizzee Rascal - I Luv U

DJ Bionics - Electro

DJ Begg

DJ Mex - D.P.M V.I.P

DJ Slimzee - 

DJ Target - Earth Warrior Remix

DJ Vader - Bang Zero

Erbz - Wah

Geeneus - Wickedest Ting

Hindzy D - Shrapnal

Jammer - Gas Man

Lewi WhitePlatoon

P-Jam - Dirty

Plastician - Machines

Platinum 45 - Oi

Rapid - Pied Piper

Skepta - D.T.I

Skream - The Judgement

Terror Danjah - We Are the Worst

Titch - I Can See You

Treble Clef - Ghetto Kyote

Wiley - Terrible

Yungstar - Pulse X

XTC - Functions On The Low

New School Grime Beats and Producers

Today Grime beats have taken on a similar yet advanced sound, with new instruments, techniques and productions Grime has fused with several genres, extending its limits and opening a whole new field of opportunity and variety of music. Compared to the Golden age, Grime Music has alot more exposure with greater media outlets with the help of social apps, which means more and more artists are promoting the scene and have a greater chance at getting picked up by Grime Record Labels.

Among the new school sounds are some innovative minds; producers and Djs who have contributed to the scene, creating new works of art, transforming the sound with a similar but modified approach.

Some new school Grime Producers include:

Dot Rotten/ Zeph Ellis Petrol Bomb

Faze Miayke - Gun Powder

Heavy Trackerz - Not That Deep

Joker - Back in the Days

Maniac - Devil Grime

Preditah - Circles

Royal-T - Gully Funk

Rude kid - Yagga

Rynsa Man - Chewits

Sir Spyro - Side By Side

Splurgeboyz - Grimstein

Spooky - Spartan

Swifta Beater - Man Don't Care

Teddy Music - POW!

Westy - Daily Bread

Z Dot - Know Me From

Here are a few of the vital Grime Beats that have made a large impact on the Grime scene.

Ruff Squad - Together

Produced by: Wiley

Record Company: Ruff Sqwad Recordings

Year Released: September 2005

Info: Celebrated as one of the most classic Grime tracks ever released, this UK Grime beat also featured vocals from Ruff Sqwad and Wiley. This song was sampled from the 1979 Rock/Pop single “Message in a Bottle” by The Police, although the Ruff Sqwad version is extensively modified, one can still notice the comparison.

Ruff Squad - Pied Piper

Produced by: Rapid

Record Company: Ruff Sqwad Recordings

Year Released: 2003

Info: The Original composition of “Pied Piper” has gone on to serve as a riddim of timeless essence. Most recently the sample of “Pied Piper” has been used on the Single “Thiago Silva” by Santan Dave and AJ Tracey. But around a decade before this remix, several grime artists jumped on this beat and laid their vocals, including” Kano, Slix, Shifty Rydos, Mad Max and Gods Gift. Skepta also mixed his own version of this track as well as Double O Squad.

XTC - Functions On the Low (Havana)

Produced by: DJ XTC

Record Company: Independant release

Year Released: 2004

Info: One of the most acclaimed Grime Instrumentals and British Electronic songs of alltime, Functions on the Low has gloriously found its self on an everlasting plain of time, un broken and beyond compare. This legendary gem has recently become popularized by Stormzy’s, fire in the park single “Shut Up”. Several other artists have covered this Grime beat including: Crazy Titch, Manek, Jammer, Daze the Kid, Frisco and General Levy. DJ XTC has yet to drop any known tracks since “Functions on the Low”.

Here are some popular Grime Youtube Channels that feature huge catalogues of Grime Beats and classic tracks, Get Lifted!

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