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Grime Crews and Collectives

If not for the support and constant determination of these many Grime crews and UK collectives, the movement that we see blossoming today would not have been possible. From the early 2000's, groups like Roll Deep and Boy Better Know began developing a forever evolving sound that has just now caught the worlds attention and is becoming recognized by popular culture.

The Founding Grime crews served and still serve an importance in the evolution of the sound, as the unification of talented minds represent not just a gang or a crew, but a voice for the combined lower/middle-class and these artists have become symbolic icons for the struggle. 

As many of the artists below began their careers as members in Grime crews, a large portion of these emcees have since steered in their own direction as solo artists.

Some of the more popular Grime crews include: Boy Better Know, OG'z, Rascals, Roll Deep, Newham Generals and So Solid Crew. A large portion of UK Grime crews have seen members bounce around from group to group and in the case of the Roll Deep Grime crew, this is very common.

Grime legends like: Wiley, Dizze Rascal, Lethal B, JME, Skepta, D Double E, Jammer and P Money are all examples of "top boy" emcees that began their careers as members in popular Grime crews. Since the emergence of the art form in the early 2000's Grime Crews like: So Solid Crew, More Fire Camp, Meridian Crew, Dynasty Crew, East Connection, Southside All Stars, Nasty Crew and Heartless Crew have all played major roles in the upbringing of the culture and shaping of the sound. 

Grime Crews  (from #-z)

2 Jedi

 - (MC Midas and Marvin Dawkins/Romeo)


- (Hypa Fenn and MC Marcie Phonix)


- (Brazen, Captin, J2K, Kivanc, Mz Bratt, Sadie Ama, Shola Ama, Wiley and Wrigley)


- (Badness, Bruza, Devilman, D.O.K, DVA, El-Rae, Sir Spyro, Mz Bratt )

Behave Yourself 

- (Evolver, J Beats, Messy, Rouge and Untitled MC)


- (President T, Big H, Bossman Birdie, Dan, Milli Major, Paper Pablo and DJ Springy P)

Bomb Squad 

- (Crunch, Javan St. Prix, Quincy, Roachee and Wello)

Boy Better Know/BBK 

- (Skepta, JME, Wiley, Frisco, Shorty, Solo 45, Jammer DJ Maximum, Preditah and Jason Adenuga)


- (Blaze and Menace)


- (Crunch, Javan St. Prix, Nitro, Quincy and Slayer)

Connect 4 

- (Wrigz, Liquid, SBD and Shoa)

D Power 

- (DJ Diesle, Jookie Mundo, Stutta, Fumin, Top Kat)

Da Click 

- (MC Creed, Pied Piper, PSG, Kamanchi Sly and Valerie Malcom)

Diverse Artz

- (DVA and Kobie)

Dynasty Crew 

- (Brothers Grim, Frenzie, Hyper Fen, MC Marciephonix and Venom)

East Connection 

- (Demon (Dean Barrett), DJ Diesle, DJ Mac 10, Double O, Sharkey Major, Jookie Mundo, Major Ace, Maxwell D, MC Preshus, Nicky Slim Ting and Stormin)


- (2 Face, DaVinche, DJ Bossman, Jendor, Kidman, N Dot E, Remerdee and Snipekeedo)

Family Tree 

- (Merky Ace, Shifman, Splurt, Ego, M.I.K, Ego, Faze Miyake and TKO)

Fatal Assassins 

- (Blacks, Little Dee, McKenzie and P Money)

Fire Camp/Fire Youngers 

- (2 Face, Clipper, Knowledge, Lethal Bizzle, Ozzie B, Skary and Whizzkid)

FRB (Fully Reppin Brum) 

- (Beenz, D2, Depzman, Geckz, Jahs, Jaykae, Jimmy Timmy, KD, Minie Dappz, MK, Solja Sox, Subzee, Tantskii, Tower and Vecks)


- (Dean Stimpy Stewart, Renay Phillips, Twitch and DJ Maxsin Dodzo)

Garage All Stars 

- (MC Creed, DJ Merlin, MC Kie and Richie Dan)


- (Bags, Drama, Jizzerd, Knowledge, Lip E, Ozzie B and Wizz)

Grime All Stars 

- (Bashy, Chipmunk, Ghetts, Griminal, Ice Kid, J2K, JME, Kano, P Money, Scorcher, Wretch 32, Wrigley and Wiley)

Gritty Committee 

- (Brutality, DBI, Hitman Tiga, K.P., Ripper, Speedy Rex, Warlock and Yellow Boy)

Gully Gang 

- (Big Mighty, Ribz and Skrapsta)

Heartless Crew 

- (Bushkin, Fonti and Mighty Joe)

Highly Rated In The Hood 

- (D.Dark, Rival, Skilla B and Xploder)

Hype Squad 

- (2ZA, Jiggalo and Wunda)


- (C'Dash, D2, Depzman, DJ Free, Hazman, Hitman, Izzie Gibbs JayKae, K1, Lady Leshurr, Mr. Snowman, Mute, Sox, Tazzle, Vader and Villain)


- (B Marvel, Sir Spyro, Killa K, Skips and Treble Clef)

Kids In The Hood 

- (Crazy Titch, Dark Boi, Delusion, Mentality and Yunga Hunga)

Lava U/Init

- (Badness, Devilman and Mz Bratt)

Lil' Rascals/Rascals

- (Nig Shizz, Kay Willis, Merkz and Tempz)


- (Hecki, Lil Choppa, Scorpz and Tempa)

Lord Of The Mics Allstars 

- (Clipper, Desperado, DJ Diesle, J1, Jammin, Jammer, Jendor, Kozzie, LayZ Marger, Merky Ace, Rival, Sox, Tezz Kidd and Wariko)


- (Double S, Shocka and Vertex)

Meridian Crew 

- (Big H, Boss Man Birdie, JME, Meridian Dan, Paper Pablo and President T)

Milky Mans Project 

- (Nikkie S & Nyke)


- (DJ Ethnic and Neon Beats)

More Fire Crew 

- (Lethal Bizzle, Neeko and Ozzie B)


- (Chunky Bizzle, Lady Fury and Maxwell D)

N Double A 

- (Big Narstie, L.Man, Solo, Typah and Uncle Dreama)

Nasty Crew (Natural Artistic Sounds Touching You) 

- (MC Fever, Footsie, D Double E, Demon, Dj Mac, Fizz, Hitman Trigger, Hyper Fen, Jammer, Sharkey Major, Griminal, Ghetts, Kano, Lil Nasty, Lightnin, Marcus Nasty, MC Marciephonix, Monkstar, Sharkie P, Stormin and Terror Danjah)

Neckle Camp 

- (A. Hutson, Blacks, C-Gritz, Gully Rainjah, Jammer and Knuckles)

Newham Generals

- (D Double E, DJ Tubby Footsie and Monkstar)


- (Deadly, Miles, Maybe, Tempah, Lil G, Ace1 Fist and Lady Fiasco)

O.T Crew 

- (Dogzilla, Devlin, Deeperman, M.Eye, Kozy, Props, Meshie Benson and Syer Barz)

OG'z (Original Godz/Organised Grime)

(All Members: P-Money, Jendor, Blacks, Desperado, Little Dee, Ruger, Dot Rotten, Mega Montana, Sickman and N.E.)

Oxide & Neutrino

 - (Alex Rivers and Mark Oseitutu)

P2J Project 

-(Amazer, Croozer, Doom, E. Man, Gritty Kid, Restless, Treater, Tiny Blacker, War Kid, Y. Dramah, Y. Jendor, Y. Riddler, Y. Smarter, Y. Spoke and Y. Stickz)

Phaze One 

- (Danny Sayer and Wiley)

Roll Deep/Entourage Crew 

- (All members include: Wiley, Scratchy, Flowdan, Saskilla, J2K, Riko Dan, Manga Saint Hilare, Breeze, Brazen, DJ Karnage, DJ Target, Tania Foster, Roachee, Skepta,  Killa P, Little Dee, Syer Barz, DJ Maximum, Trim, Jet Le, DJ Bionics, Biggie Pitbull, Jamakabi Dan, Dom P, Dizzee Rascal, Tinchy Stryder, DJWonder, Bubbles, Danny Weed and DJ Maximum

Ruff Sqwad 

- (All Members: Shifty Rydos, Fuda Guy, Dirty Danger, DJ Scholar, Slix, Tinchy Stryder, Roachee, Mad Max, Prince Rapid, DJ Begg

Scare Dem 

- (A.Hutson, Flamin and Scotty D)


- (AK, Blacky Chan, K Dot, Kuta, Kyro, LY, Milks, Rawkid, Tempo and Tez Kidd)

Slew Dem 

- (Chronik, Rage, Tempa T, Spooky, Lexman, Esco Bar, G Man and Waifer)


- (Big Mighty, DJ Mondie, Flirta D, Lady Envi, Ribz, Skrapsta, Swarvo, Van Damage, Vectra and Wunda)

So Solid Crew 

- (AC Burrell, Alex Rivers, Asher D, Dan Da Man, DJ Mex, DJ Gomes/ G Man, Dready/JD, Face, Kaish, Kowdean, Lisa Finch Maffia, MC Mac, MC Harvey, Mark Oseitutu, Romeo, Megaman, Morgan, Mr. Shabz, PDS, SCAT D, Swiss, Thug Angel, Tiger S)

Soule Power 

- (DVA and D Malice)

South Agents 

- (A.Virgin/Doctor, Mega Montana and Seb Zero)

South Soldiers 

- (Coldboy, Desperado, Messy, Sketch and Spokeman)

Southside Allstars 

- (Asher D, Jiggalo, Kidman, Nikkie S & Nyke and Remerdee)

Special Delivery 

- (Flirta D, Major Ace and Sniper E)


- (Casper, Deadly, Don Menna, J1, Macca, Moky, Movez, Preditah, Pressure, Raider, S-X, Saf One and Swifta Beater)

The Dogenham Alliance 

- (Dogzilla and Devlin)

The Hooligans 

- (Bruza, D.Dark and Tinie Tempah)

The Movement 

(Devlin, Wretch 32, Mercston, Ghetts and Scorcher)

The Pay As You Go Cartel 

- (Bashy, Breeze, DJ Target, DJ Slimzee, Dogzilla, Geeneus, GodsGift, Major Ace, Mark Viera, Maxwell D, Plague and Wiley)


- (DJ Target and Trend)

True Tiger 

- (Alex Gowers, Blue Bear, Neil Thakaria and Sukh Knight)


- (H.Y & Finker)

Youngers Wolf Pack 

- (All In One, B-Line, Discarda, DJ Paccman, Gods Gift, Lady Shocker, Mercston, Soulja Kid, Stamina Boy and Thuggy)

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