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Grime record labels

Considering the popularity of the genre, Grime record labels have barely peeked onto the global platform. Although a handful of Grime emcees have received record deals from big labels, world-wide publicity has only recently began to take place for the UK based sound. 

With a large portion of the top UK Grime labels making their name independently, some have had a great success on their endeavours and continue to catch the attention of more and more fans around the world. Boy Better Know, XL Recordings, Big Dada and Coyote Records are some well known independent Grime labels that are climbing up the popularity chain.

Raw, dark, speedy and full of British/Jamaican lingo, Grime to many is an acquired taste; nonetheless the sound has created a special pocket in the music industry that has developed a small but loyal fanbase. Because of the aggressive tones, foreign accents and intense high-tempo beats, the cross over to the world scene has been extremely gradual and this is partially the reason we do not see major labels pick up many UK Grime emcees (nor do many grime emcees accept deals from labels, for the labels conditions would require the sound to alter).

Grimeumentry - part 1:

Its true, Grime is gaining a respectful market away from its center of orgins, but it hasn't been an easy road for the artists on the forefront of this uphill battle. If their has been one group that can claim a prize for the uplifting of this "unfitting" genre, we would have to award the "Boy Better Know" Collective.

Beginning the ascent of their Journey in the early 2000's, several members of "BBK" were originally in a group called, the "Meridian Crew". From there, Skepta and JME (Brothers) went on to push the Grime record label "Boy Better Know" and have remained two of the most notable Grime emcees in the industry by consistently touring, dropping albums, releasing music videos and working with some of the top artists in the UK. In more recent years, the collectives unannounced leader "Skepta", has teamed up with Drake, Kanye West, A$ap Mob, Pharrell Williams and Ratking, expanding his influence and connections outside of UK. With the most recent addition to the label, Boy Better Known has signed on Drake as the newest member of the crew, marking a new beginning for the artists and for the Grime scene.

Growing popular in London, the music would make its way around Europe, Japan, Australia and more recently, it has caught a buzz in North America. After almost 15 years of supporting the sound, the relentless efforts of BBK along with a countless number of Grime Artists, Grime crews, Producers/DJs and Grime enthusiasts have spread the unmistakable tone of the UK genre globally, all without major funding and the backing of labels.

Grimeumentry - part 2:

Here is a brief list of some popular Grime artists who have been signed with major labels:

Devlin - Island Records

Krept & Konan - Def Jam Recordings

KSI - Island Records

Lady Sovereign - Def Jam Recordings

Wiley - Warner Bros. Records

List of Grime Record labels

2nd Drop Records


360 Records/Stay Dench


679 Artists

7Even Recordings

877 Records

All Around the World Productions


Apple Pips


Artikal Music UK

Audio Culture

Aus Music

Bandulu Records

Berkane Sol

Big Apple Records

Big Dada

Bigger Picture Music

Biscuit Factory Records

Black Acre

Black Box

Boka Records

Box Clever

Boy Better Know Records

Broadwalk Records


Car Crash Set


Clandestine Cultivations

Cooking Vinyl

Coyote Records


DECA Rhythm

Deep Medi Musik

Dirtee Stank Recordings

Disfigured Dubz



Dnuos Ytivil

Donkey Pitch

Dub Police

Dubstep For Deep Heads

Eskibeat Recordings

Exit Records

Fade To Mind

Fortified Audio

Frijsfo Beats

GPP Records

Groove Chronicles


H.E.N.C.H Recordings

Hemlock Recordings

Hessle Audio

Hot Haus Recs

Hotflush Recordings

Hotline Recordings


I & I

Idle Hands

Immerse Records

Innamind Recordings

J. Clarke Enterprise


Keysound Recordings

Lion Charge Records

Livity Sound

Lo Dubs

Local Action

LS2 Recordings

Macabre Unit Recordings

Midget Records


Moonshine Recordings

New World Audio

Night Slugs

Ninja Tune

Nonplus Records


Oil Gang

Orca Recordings

Osiris Music UK

Phuture Shock Musik

Pictures Music

Pitchfork Media

Planet Mu

Play Dirty Limited

Pressed Records

PTN Formula Records

Punch Drunk

R & S Records

Ramp Recordings

Relentless Records

Ringo Records

Rinse Recordings

Roll Deep Recordings

Roska Kicks & Snares

Rough Records

Rwina Records

Shifting Peaks

Skull Disco

Staple House

Studio Rockers

Subaltern Records


Swamp 81

System Music

Takeover Entertainment



Ten Thousand Yen

Text Records

Unknown To The Unknown

Urban Graffiti

V2 Records

Warp Records

Well Rounded Housing Project

Well Rounded Records

Werk Discs

Wheel & Deal Records

WNCL Recordings

XL Recordings 

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