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Hip Hop Videos Of 1979

The question is, what were the Hip Hop videos of 1979?

The answer is, there was one and only one. This year marked the point where the art of Hip Hop received mainstream attention from the media with the publication of the first ever rap video. By this point in time Hip Hop has already extended its following and established itself as an expanding urban music genre, with artists like:

DJ Kool Herc, Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Four MC's, Willie Wood & Willie Wood Crew, Lady B, Spoonie Gee, Equipe Radio Cidade, Mr.Q, Younger Generation, David Campbell, T.J. Swan, Troy Rainey, Joe Bantan, Lady D / MC Tee, Uno, The Sequence,  Funky Four Plus One More, Jazzy 4 MC's and more.

Sugarhill Gang - Rappers Delight

On September 16th 1979, The Sugar Hill Gang changed music forever with the release of the "Rappers Delight". Followed by the music video, recorded on "The Soap Factory" Disco show in Palisades Park, New Jersey, this song was responsible for making the art of Hip Hop a popular sound in the USA and providing a platform for other artists. 

The song was formed by sampling  a disco single by Chic called "Good Times".

Rappers Delight was written by Grandmaster Caz and performed by Grandmaster Caz, Wonder Mike, Master Gee and Big Bank Hank.

The song earned over $3.5 Million for Sugarhill Records and sold over 2 million copies in the United States of America alone.

The song has been awarded with a spot in the Grammys Hall of fame and will always be remembered as one of the most important songs of Hip Hop.

Check out the extended 15 minute version of "Rappers Delight" below.

Although "Rappers Delight" was the first Hip Hop video to hit the scene, it was not the first Hip Hop track to be recorded. In April of 1979, arguably the first rap song ever recorded " King III / Personality Jock" by "The Fatpack"is credited by many as a vital pioneering sounds to lay the foundation for future emcees . We must consider that this year included many other records as well and with the lack of accurate information available, it is very difficult to fully credit "The Fatpack" as the first group to publish a Hip Hop record.

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