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2017 Grime Albums

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Deceased Rappers

Take a moment and remember all of the great artists who are no longer with us.

J Cole - (HBO Trailer)

Check out J Coles HBO Special "4 Your Eyez Only" Trailer.

Hip Hop Movies

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Hip Hop Videos of 1980

With the world wide following on the rise, Hip Hop videos of 1980 also received more attention. The art began to take on new forms and styles. This year, The Treacherous Three would go on to declare a new rapping technique, called dubbed "speed rapping", a style that was demonstrated on their hit single, "The New Rap Language".

Speed rapping would go on to play a large role in the evolution of the sound, however, speed-rapping or speed-toasting became much more popular in later years.

Blondie - Rapture

On this classic Hip Hop track, Blondie would go on to be the first artist to release a Rap music video via MTV. The song had originally been released in 1980, however the release of the video had been in 1981.

Funky Four Plus One - Rappin and Rockin the House

Live at "The Kitchen" in New York, USA, on November, 22, 1980. 

Joe Bataan - Rap-O Clap-O 

A hit single from the 8 track Vinyl Lp "Mestizo". On this original record, Bantaan speaks about the growth of Hip Hop through simple rhymes.

Kurtis Blow - Christmas Rappin'

This Disco Rap single was released through Mercury Records in 1979 on the single Vinyl "Christmas Rappin'", However this live clip was recorded on January of 1980 on "TOTP TV". Christmas Rappin' is one of a handful of songs to be credited as one of the first Hip Hop songs to be recorded.

Below watch the 8+ minute long extended version of Christmas Rappin', where Kurtis Blow lets it all out. Enjoy

Kurtis Blow - The Breaks 

One of the most iconic founding Hip Hop tracks to be remembered, "The Breaks" was released on the 29th of September in 1980, on the 40 minute vinyl "Kurtis Blow". The Live version of the video performed on "The Soul Train Show" does not contain the entirety of the track, yet it gives you a good idea of the power that this song carried.

Below check out the original mix version of Kurtis Blow - The Breaks.

Super-Wolf - Can Do It

Another track that is sought after as one the first, is the Sugar Hill Records" published "Can Do It" by Super-Wolf. On this funky 9+ minute long Hip Hop classic, Super-Wolf gets silly, yet entertaining and fun, as you can hear him howling through out the track. Enjoy!

The Sugarhill Gang - Apache / Jump On It

Another instant classic funky Hip Hop record, Sugar Hill Gang's "Apache / Jump On It" was released on the album "The Best of the Sugar Hill Gang" in 1980.  Among the Hip Hop videos of 1980 the Live video of Apache shows the group dressed up in Native American outfits dancing and singing on stage over the sampled 1960 track "Apache" by The Shadows.

Below check out the original 6+ minute mix.

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