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Hip Hop Videos Of 1981

Upon searching through the web for Hip Hop videos of 1981 we were able to discover only a handful.

As Hip Hop was still in its early stages of growth and technology was on the rise, Hip Hop videos were not exactly a common item at this time.

Although there were a decent number of classic Hip Hop singles released in 1981, few of these tracks went on to be made into videos, but for the ones that were, please enjoy by scrolling down. 

Blondie - Rapture

Although the Rapture by Blondie had already been featured on our "Hip Hop Videos of 1980" page, we felt it necessary to post thier video on Hip Hop Videos Of 1981, since this year was when the video its self was released. From the album "AutoAmerican", this track caught alot of mainstream attention for Hip Hop considering Blondie had already been an established band for years prior to this release.

On March 28th, 1981, Rapture reached the number one spot on the "Billboards Hot 100", lasting 2 weeks at number 1 and over 20 weeks in total on The Hot Billboard Charts.

Frankie Smith - Double Dutch Bus

Double Dutch Bus, the hit single off of Frankie Smiths Vinyl Lp, "Children Of Tomorrow", features the self taught piano playing Tennessee born Frankie Smith getting ridiculous on the microphone. Inspired after not qualifing for a job as a bus driver, came this entertaining Funk/Disco rap single.

Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five - It's Nasty 

Of all Hip Hop hits of 1981, "It's Nasty" from the "The Message" LP (1982) has become one of the most memorable singles of the year. With its Funky bass line and cheerful lyrics this song was composed while all of the founding members of the group were still united in the crew.

Sugar Hill Gang - 8th Wonder

Another happy go-lucky rap release by the legendary Sugar Hill Gang, from their second LP, "8th Wonder". One of the groups top tracks, the original sample was taken from "Daisy Lady" by 7th Wonder (a Funk/Soul group) and in more recent years, this song has been sampled on over 20 other occasions.

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