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Hip hop videos of 1982

Through out the Hip Hop videos of 1982, many new faces began to hit the Rap and Hip Hop scene and the influence of Pop began to shape a new audience for the genre.

With mainstream acceptance growing, Hip Hop was finding its place in the world, bringing with it, funky and lovable sounds, introducing Funk, Disco, Pop and Reggae into one combined jam.

As records caught the attention of many, so did the culture of Hip Hop.

With the Five Elements of Hip Hop playing a vital role in the philosophy of the sound, the world opened its eyes to new frontiers and really started to learn, love and live Hip Hop.

The Five Elements of Hip Hop:

MCing / Mic Controlling

DJing / Disc Jockying

B-Boying or B-Girling / Break-Boying or Break-Girling

Graffiti or Aerosol Writing

And most important to the street culture - Knowledge

Below check out a Hip Hop documentary from 1982, "Hip Hop Em New York" divided into 5 parts. Recorded partially in 1982, but released in 1983, this documentary displays a clear idea of the street culture of Hip Hop in New York in the early 80s.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Below check out a Breaking documentary from 1982, "Rock Steady".

Hip Hop Videos Of 1982

Afrika Bambaataa & the Soul Sonic Force - Planet Rock 

Released in 1982, this single did not receive a large mainstream view count, however in later years was regarded as an important record that helped shape the art. Respected as a pioneering Hip Hop/Electronic/Dance track, this song was originally recorded in 1981 and this single was sampled by the 1977 hit, "Trans Europa Express" by Kraftwerk.

Below check out the extended original mix

Captain Sensible - Wot! / Strawberry Dross

Released on August 2nd, 1982, UK born Captain Sensible dropped his outlandish Disco-Rap-Pop single "Wot / Strawberry Dross" under A&M Records. The single features Dolly Mixture on background vocals and Tony Mansfield on production.

 Grandmaster Flash & the Furious Five The Message 

On July 1st of 1982, Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five released one of the greatest Hip Hop tracks to have ever existed, "The Message". In 2012, "Rolling Stone Magazine" awarded this single as the greatest Hip Hop song of all-time. The album "The Message", which featured the iconic track, Reached #53 on Billboards top 200s in 1982 and # 8 on Top Black Albums of 1982. Of all Hip Hop Videos of 1982, "The Message" was the most memorable and praised.

Check out the extended original mix below

Grandmaster Flash & the Furious Five - Survival / The Message 2

"Survival" or "The Message 2" was released as a sequel to "The Message" by Grandmaster Flash & the Furious Five. Although the track only features Melly Mel and Duke Bootee, the whole crew receives credit for the record. 

Infinity And Grandmixer D.St. - Grandmixer Cuts It Up! 

This 8 minute + single was released on July 7th of 1982 by New Yorks own turntablist, Grandmaster D.St. With backing vocals by Bernard Fowler and production assistance by "Material", this song was recorded in Evergreen Studios, NYC and made its self a well known Hip Hop track having been heard around the world.

Inter Rhythm team - Watch The closing Doors

This single is about adventures of the New York Subway trains and all that accompanies the ride. This funky Hip Hop videos of 1982 displays some classic New York graffiti, with a great listen.

Malcolm McLaren & The World's Famous Supreme Team - Buffalo Gals 

Officially released on "Duck Rock" under Specialty Records Corporation this Electro-Hip Hop song was recognized as a 1982 single. In more recent years, Eminem reinvents his own version of the lyrics of this song on his hit "Without Me". which you can hear  by clicking here.

The Brat - Chalk Dust / The Umpire Strikes Back

Released on an episode of "TOTP" in July of 1982 by British impressionist Roger Kitter using the moniker "the Brat". It is plain to see that this novelty rap song is the silliest of the Hip Hop videos of 1982. "Chalk Dust" was released during Wimbledon '82 and is a reenactment of John McEnroe's famous outburst during tennis matches.

A second popular video was released as well, watch below.

The Sequence - Simon Says

Although the single was originally recorded in 1980, the video for "Simon says" was released in 1982. This Disco-rap hit was released through "Sugarhill Records" on their 7-track vinyl LP, "Sugar Hill presents, The Sequence".

listen to the original 7 minute + extended mix Below.

The Sugarhill Gang - Funk Box 

The original extended mix of "Funk Box" was released as an 8 minute single off of the groups  2nd LP, "8th Wonder" under "Sugar Hill Records". This song was another popular Hip Hop videos of 1982.

Check out the original 8 minute extended mix of "Funk Box" below.

Wham! - Wham Rap! / Enjoy What You Do?

Produced, written and composed by George Micheal and Andrew Ridgeley, both the 3 minute + single and 6 minute + extended mix, were released in July of 1982. Repeatidly singing the letters, DHSS through out the song, which stands for "Department of Health and Social Security", Micheal attempted to fight the system and speak up for peoples rights of employment in the country at the time.

Wham! - Young Guns / Go For It!

Released on September 9th, 1982, under "Innervision Records"(which would go on to file bankrupcy, soon after), This single was Whams first popular hit and after the video was featured on "TOTP" TV show, "Go For It" went on to land itself #3 on the Uk Singles Chart in late 1982.

Whodini - Magic's Wand

Released Through "Jive Records" in 1982, the single was the first video released by Jive Records as an American act. In the music video, Jalil and Ecstasy reminisce on past events before their rise to fame, with lyrics like "The parties would be packed inside and out, to see who was the best at rockin' the house ". Although MTV was not giving the time of day to Rap acts at the time, this was just the beginning of Whodinis fame.

Check out the original extended 11 minute mix of "Magic Wand" below.

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