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2017 Grime Albums

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Deceased Rappers

Take a moment and remember all of the great artists who are no longer with us.

J Cole - (HBO Trailer)

Check out J Coles HBO Special "4 Your Eyez Only" Trailer.

Hip Hop Movies

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PRo era music

The Pro Era Music movement has shaken up the Hip Hop scene on several occasions. As part of the new school revival of New York Hip Hop, the nostalgic super crew of young talented minds have provided a platform where Hip Hop can gain its name back from the gimmicky influence of the Rap music industry. This page is dedicated to providing our viewers with access to the newest songs and videos by the Pro Era music group.

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Check out the Pro Era Youtube Channel. With everything from new videos to interviews and episodes.


Interesting subjects, great responses and some authentic personalities; these interviews touch on some real life stories and the personal motivations of the crew.


If there is one group in the history of Hip Hop that has mastered Cyphering, we would have to credit that title to Pro Era. These guys are the epitome of cypher emcees, with rugged New York presences on the microphone and intelligent lyrics, these masterminds make wordplay seem easy. As part of the original Hip Hop culture, cypher rap has helped develop the competitive aspect of the sport as well as the team ethic that Pro Era revives while staying true to the roots of Hip Hop.


Watch videos about the crews beefs and disses.


Above, are concert videos and documentaries about Pro Era. Learn facts and watch the boys rip up the mic as usual.

Above, is what Pro Era refers to as the Erasodes. Basically, these short videos are divided into seasons, that documents shows and concerts, with behind the scene footage of the Pro Era collective. With 4 seasons and over 18 videos, this series is a great opportunity to get to see the crew in action and understand what they are all about.


Listen to a collection of Pro Era Instrumentals, organized by Hip Hop Lifted.