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Hip Hop Streetwear

Hip Hop Streetwear has come a long way, from “The MC Hammer Parachute Pants” to the newly evolved “Drop Crotch Joggers”, but the elements remain.

Hip Hop culture has contributed more than just its voice to its worldwide audience. Throughout the last several decades, Hip Hop Streetwear has helped shape the fashion scene again and again. While rappers and Hip Hop artists sport fashionable Hip Hop Streetwear items, turning them into trends, athletes, celebrities and designers have also played a huge role in popularizing the clothing. Social platforms like Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook are all hubs where we can witness fads and trends become global movements overnight.

Hip Hop Street wear can represent cultural norms, creativity and brings to life a way of expression. The genre has broke barriers and opened new doors, allowing everyday people to feel comfortable to dress how they feel and to be a part of something that solidifies identity. 

Lets take a trip back in time, before Hip Hop Street wear meant male skirts, pink dreadlocks or face tattoos. Before the era of baggy Karl Kani denim suits and sunglasses in the club, even before the time of Adidas shell toes.

Lets explore Hip Hop Street wear from the birth of the culture.

1970s Hip Hop Streetwear

Because Hip Hop was and still is a culture primarily influenced by the street lifestyle, so is the fashion. As the mainstream spotlight shifted more and more on successful Hip Hop acts, HipHop Fashion became very popular. Fingerless Gloves, Gold Chains, Afros and Shirtless Suits; all great examples of what the legends of the game sported during the early stages of Hip Hop.

As the funk and disco era lent Hip Hop its rhythmic essence, so it did its clothing. But the bulky Glasses and Unbuttoned blazers of the 70’s eventually ascended into Cowboy Inspired Hip Hop Dance Outfits and elaborate Hip Hop Dance Costumes. These bold and fearless fashion statements shouted out identity and expression.

The 1980s was full of B-boy swag and as Hip Hop was evolving, so were the brands. Adidas, Kangol, Nike and gold jewelry was in and the funky 70s trends soon faded. Click Here or on the Picture below to check out 1980s Hip Hop wear.

1990s Hip Hop Street wear

During this era, rappers would go on to rebrand and popularize large name brands like: Tommy Hilfiger, FUBU, Karl Kani, Polo Ralph Lauren, Nautica, Kangol, Nike and Calvin Klein. Click here or on the Picture below to check out 1990s Hip Hop wear.

2000s Hip Hop Street wear

As Jerseys maintained its reputation in Hip Hop Street Wear, we witnessed the sport look dominate the scene. The 2000s started off baggy, with lots of vinyl artwork and ended on more of a slim fit tip, taking on a clean, plain look. Click here or on the Picture below to check out 2000s Hip Hop wear.

2010s Hip Hop Street wear

By this point, Hip Hop Street wear has fused with the styles of Street, Rocker, Sport, Casual, Exotic, Arty, Punk and more. As Hip Hop Street Wear is constantly expanding and changing with the fashion world, so are the ideas of what is to be accepted by the culture. Click Here or on the Picture below to check out 2010s Hip Hop wear.

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