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Kano - Home Sweet Home

    The 2005 release by Kano - Home Sweet Home, features celebrated UK hits like, "P's & Q's", "Typical Me", "Sometimes", "Signs in Life" and "Nite Nite". Being the first big Grime emcee to blow up in East Ham (East London) Kane Robinson brings a diversified sound to the industry, experimenting with Rock, Garage and Hip Hop.

With the most successful single from the album, "Typical Me" featuring Ghetts , becoming one of the greatest Urban UK tracks of all time, Kano would go on to reach #22 on the UK Singles charts, crediting this rap/rock track as the song to put him on the map.

The album includes samples from the 1973 single, "I Dig Love" by Asha Puthli on the track, "Reload It", the 1977 single, "That's enough for me" by Patti Austin on "Brown Eyes" and the 1970 hit, "War Pigs" by Black Sabbath.

Kano - Home Sweet Home - track List

  1. Home Sweet Home
  2. Ghetto Kid (feat. Ghetts)
  3. P's & Q's
  4. Reload It (feat. D Double E & Demon)
  5. Typical Me (feat. Ghetts)
  6. Mic Check
  7. Sometimes
  8. 9 to 5
  9. Nite Nite (feat. Mike Skinner & Leo the Lion)
  10. Brown Eyes
  11. Remember Me
  12. I Don't Know Why
  13. How We Livin'
  14. Nobody Don't Dance No More
  15. Signs in Life
  16. Boys Love Girls

Release Date

June, 27th, 2005


DaVinChe, Diplo, Fraser T Smith, Mike Skinner, Mikey J, Paul Epworth, Terror Danjah and TipC


679 Recordings

Chart position

#36 on UK Albums Chart on July 3rd, 2005



Celebrated lyrics from "Home Sweet Home"

"Ya might see ma face in the magazine, or in a fur coat in face magazine, 
Coz their spreading the word from the raves that Ive been, 
And their bringing their purse out to pay for my team, 
I cudnt give a shit im breaking the scene, making the scene, and then start making the cream".

-P's and Q's

"You ain't so rich now/ I bet you feel like a prick now/ Cause where's all your fancy shit now/ Where's your whips, chicks, and your bits now/ Shit, you should have fixed up/ Fuck drugs, the mic you should've picked up/ And it was all for big bucks, now your sittin' in a cell doing sit-ups."

-Signs in Life

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